Can I Upgrade My LA Vocal Booth Later?

Can I Upgrade My LA Vocal Booth LA Vocal Booths FAQ upgradable upgrade

Yes, LA Vocal Booths are upgradable in many ways and features can be upgraded at any time! Just contact us and speak to a representative. Shipping rates may apply.

Upgradable Options:

4'x4' Vocal Booth -> 4'x6' Vocal Booth

4'x6' Vocal Booth -> 6'x6' Vocal Booth

No Ventilation -> Standard Ventilation

No Ventilation or Standard Ventilation -> Premium Ventilation

No Acoustic Package -> Tier 1, 2, 3 or 4 Acoustic Package

Tier 2 Acoustic Package -> Tier 4 Acoustic Package

Add a monitor mount

Sound Panels - Order more for the inside of your booth or to treat the room you are recording in! Sound panels are customizable: choose your size and colors.

Bass Traps - Shove or "trap" into the corners of your booth



Pictured Above: LAVB Premium Lighting Package - Color Changing LED Strip + Standard LED Light 

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