LA Vocal Booths: Standard Package vs. Premium Package

When purchasing an LA Vocal Booth, you have the option to choose either the standard package or the premium package (premium model). With this package, premium refers to the features of the booth. The premium package includes premium lighting, premium flooring, premium wall isolation, and premium ventilation. 


With the standard package, there is no wall isolation package included with the vocal booth. Our standard flooring is a 1" non-insulated hardwood floor. The booth will come with standard lighting and includes a light that has three different brightness levels. Ventilation is not included with the standard package. Every standard booth comes with 2 cable ports and a laptop shelf.


If you choose to upgrade to a premium vocal booth, your wall isolation package will include mass loaded vinyl held together with green glue. Our premium flooring is a 3" insulated hardwood floor. The premium lighting package includes a 12" LED color changing light strip with a remote. Premium ventilation is also included with this package, which consists of an intake and exhaust system. 


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