What are the Different Acoustic Packages?

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Acoustic Foam & Sound Panels

We offer four acoustic package options for your LA Vocal Booth! Each tier offers a different sound isolation dynamic and style to the booth or studio.

The acoustics within a booth or room refers to the properties or qualities of that enclosed area which determine how sound is transmitted within it. 

Our 4 Acoustic Package Options:

Tier 1 - Acoustic Foam

Tier 2 - Sound Panels

Tier 3 - 1/2 Order Acoustic Foam, 1/2 Order Sound Panels (Pictured)

Tier 4 - Full Order Acoustic Foam, Full Order Sound Panels (3" Panels With 3" Foam On Top) - Ultimate Sound Isolation


Acoustic foam is an open-celled foam used for acoustic treatment. It constricts traveling sound waves by increasing air resistance, which reduces the magnitude of the waves. The energy is then dissipated as heat. In other words, the sound is captured inside the traps of the foam and then scattered, rather than bouncing off empty walls. The acoustic foam allows for more reverb than sound panels.

LA Vocal Booths sound panels are made of compressed sound absorbing material (mineral wool) and wrapped in fabric. Acoustic panels absorb sound waves to reduce background noise, sharpen vocals and limit reverberation inside a vocal booth or studio. The purpose of acoustic panels is to reduce reflected sound and dampen the echo and reverberation in a treated area. When sound travels and hits these panels, the foam pores vibrate, which increases the friction among them. These vibrations quickly reach a level where enough friction is created for sound energy to be converted into kinetic energy. Since kinetic energy cannot be compressed, it is destroyed quickly, leaving no sound. Acoustic panels create a deafening silence, blocking sound from entering or exiting the vocal booth.


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