What is a Vocal Booth?

A vocal booth, otherwise known as a recording booth or sound isolation booth, is an enclosed structure built to provide the best possible isolation in terms of sound transmission. Vocal booths are most commonly used to record vocals and solo instruments without the recording being compromised by any outside sounds. Vocal booths are most commonly found in recording studios and on film and television sets. 

LA Vocal Booths are made from top-tier premium materials in order to provide the greatest deal of sound isolation possible from the outside and amplify sound absorption on the inside of the booth. The interior acoustic packages we offer allow you to cover your booth walls with acoustic foam, acoustic panels or both. Our vocal booths are very versatile and can be used for the following: recording vocals for music and voice over, recording musical instruments, as a quiet work booth or phone booth for offices and call centers, as an audiology/medical testing booth, as a meditation booth, as a prop, and more!

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