Do I Need a Vocal Booth? Is It Worth It?

If you want the achieve the most sound isolation possible and the best quality vocals when recording, then you need a vocal booth. Professionals in the recording industry that are serious about their career and craft will agree that recording in a vocal booth is much more beneficial than recording without one. Recording booths confine vocals and absorb the sound being recorded, while also providing an ample amount of sound isolation and blocking out noise coming from outside the booth. This makes vocals crisp and much easier to mix later on in production.

Most large studios and professionals use a vocal booth. Some recording artists and small studios will try converting a small closet into a vocal booth by using sheets and other sound absorbing materials. This is much less effective than recording inside a vocal booth. A vocal booth is an enclosed space that blocks out almost all outside sound. The booth also contains acoustic panels or acoustic foam (or both) along the inside walls to absorb and diffuse different sound frequencies. LA Vocal Booths are made from premium materials and we offer different levels of wall thickness - the thicker the walls, the greater the amount of isolation. Adding soundproof panels allows for even more isolation, if needed. At LA Vocal Booths, we know that a vocal booth makes all the difference and it is definitely worth it, as it captures the purest possible vocal recording.

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