Top 7 Tips for Nailing Your Voice-Over Audition!

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So, you've discovered you have voice talent. Everyone has always told you that you have an appealing voice and now you are finally ready to give voiceover a shot! That's amazing news. Before you can start getting voiceover work, however, you have to nail your audition. Here are some simple steps on how to do just that:


1. Study Your Script 

Scripts are very important in the voiceover world. Voice artists need to comprehend the script fully before heading to the booth. In voiceover, the artist needs to be able to reflect the emotion behind the message of the script through their voice. Analyze each part of the script and make sure you are happy with the way your voice represents the character at hand. It is important to have your script memorized so that you can sound natural and effortless while recording. You do not want to sound like you are reading from a script, so there should not be any breaks in your voice.

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2. Vocal Warm-Ups

Begin exercising your voice with gentle warm-ups. You may notice first thing in the morning that you may sound groggy, or sleepy. Try humming and feel the vibration in your chest. This is an effective, easy warm-up for your vocal cords.

Enunciation is key! After your voice starts to feel a little less groggy, start to pay attention to your enunciation. Simply put, this is the act of speaking clearly and pronouncing everything correctly. Here is one enunciation exercise:

Try rolling your tongue on the top of your mouth while saying TR "trrrrr" or R "rrrrr."

If this doesn't work for you, there are many more exercises out there.

Articulation of your words is also important. Articulation is the result of your lips, tongue, teeth, and mouth working together to make sounds. After practicing some voice-over enunciation exercises like "trrrrr" or "ptkt," try to improve your articulation by saying some rhymes or tongue-twisters such as:

Red leather, yellow leather" - keep repeating this phrase, getting faster as you go

“Brrrrr” - make a blowing sound with your lips closed, creating a motorboat noise

Lastly, you will want to make sure you are working on your range. These are the high and low pitches that your voice can make. There are exercises out there to help you expand your range, too.


3. Get Into Your Character

The best voice actors take the time to get to know their character. The concepts and rules of acting are universal, whether you are physically on camera or just recording your voice. Express the emotion your character is feeling to the fullest. Do not worry about being embarrassed by facial expressions or gestures, since nobody will be watching you. 


4. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep your vocal cords hydrated and ready to go! Practice breathing from your diaphragm so you can deliver your vocal performance with confidence and strength. 


5. Act It Out

Once you understand your character, you need to embody that character. Be as expressive as you can. Do not forget to use your body and face to truly get into the performance and sell the character.


6. Do Multiple Takes

Sometimes a script can have more than one interpretation, so feel free to deliver multiple versions of the audition if you'd like. When doing an online audition, record as many takes as you want until you are satisfied with your work.


7. The Right Equipment... And Vocal Booth!

The most successful voiceover artists do not get distracted or caught up on trying to nail one role. VO actors and actresses spend long hours looking for work and they are dedicated to finding the right auditions. They also invest wisely when it comes to their workspace or home studio. This is the most vital part of the actor's workflow. Some voiceover professionals spend over 8 hours a day in their home studio. This is where the vocal booth comes in handy!

A LA Vocal Booth will provide you with a quiet, comfortable, isolated space where you can record without any distractions. Noisy dogs? Not an issue. Lawnmower outside? No problem! Just step inside your booth, turn the mic on, and NAIL that voiceover audition...



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