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At LA Vocal Booths, we're passionate about providing recording artists and voice actors with the tools they need to create exceptional audio content. That's why we specialize in crafting custom vocal booths. Our booths are portable, easy to assemble and disassemble, but also designed to deliver exceptional sound isolation for any application.

Usher shows off his booth @ 3:50

Custom Booths

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  • Recording Artists

    A recording artist, in its broadest sense, is any musician or musical group that creates and records music for public release. This definition covers a wide spectrum of musical styles and career paths, from solo singer-songwriters to large orchestras.

    Here are some key characteristics of a recording artist:

    * Creates Music: This can involve songwriting, composing instrumentals, or arranging existing pieces.

    * Records Music: This usually involves working with a sound engineer in a recording studio to capture their music in a high-quality format.

    * Releases Music: This can be done independently or through a record label, and can involve various formats like albums, singles, and digital streaming.

  • Voice Actors

    A voice actor, also known as a voice-over artist, is a professional who uses their voice to portray characters or deliver narration in various media such as:

    * Animation: Bringing cartoon characters to life with their voices, conveying personality and emotions.

    * Video games: Giving life to game characters, guiding players, and creating immersive environments.

    * Audiobooks: Reading books aloud with engaging narration, enhancing the listener's experience.

    * Commercials: Delivering persuasive messages and promoting products with their voice.

    * Documentaries: Providing narration and commentary, adding information and context to the visuals.

    * Foreign films: Dubbing voices for characters in foreign films, making them accessible to a wider audience.

    * E-learning: Providing instruction and guidance in educational materials.

    * Mobile apps: Guiding users and providing information through voice interactions.

    * Podcasts: Engaging listeners with their voice and storytelling skills.

  • Musicians

    A musician is a person who engages in the art of creating, performing, and interpreting music. This broad definition encompasses various roles and skills within the field of music:

    * Composing: Creating original musical pieces, including melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.
    * Performing: Playing a musical instrument, singing, or conducting an orchestra or ensemble.
    * Interpreting: Understanding and expressing the emotions and meaning behind existing musical compositions.

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